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Introducing Evolve 2.0

Evolve 2.0 Beta Client Preview

In With The New.

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Get. In. Game. Evolve's game discovery and launch tools provide the shortest path to playtime. Once you're there, Evolve's overlay unleashes powerful plugins within thousands of games for ease of access and instant communication.

Game: Total War: WARHAMMER

Evolve Overlay Evolve Overlay


Never play alone again. Easily round up friends for ad-hoc or scheduled gaming sessions. Also, built-in VPN technology turns any multiplayer LAN-based game into an internet-enabled one.

Don't have friends? Evolve will poll the network to find potential matches. Don't know what a VPN is? You won't need to.

Short on time? Evolve's Party feature makes it easy to schedule time to play with your friends, chat about the game, and do it all over again next time.

Game: Total War: WARHAMMER

Evolve Overlay Evolve Overlay


Gaming gone social. Capture screenshots and videos in your games and share them on Imgur, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Connect your Twitch account and stream liveā€”all without leaving the game.

Your media library and simple editing suite saves all the action so you can relive your victories and add further commentary.

Evolve's dashboard lets you see your triumphs, compare your playtime to friends and the larger Evolve community, discover new games, find new streamers to watch, and plan your next big gaming party with friends.

Integrates with:

Game: Total War: WARHAMMER

Evolve Overlay Evolve Overlay

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