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Topic A request for help, and a question.

gokufan4ever   Member

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Me and my friends used to use Evolve as an alternative to hamachi. It's been a while since we used it, though. Now, when we reinstalled it, None of us could connect to each other, with the client stating "The party network could not be joined" for all of us, and each one of us is listed as offline. Is there a solution for this? It's hard finding solutions for this thing now it seems. And for my question... Should I not be able to fix this issue, is there an alternative? I've been using Hamachi instead for now, but I just don't like it as much. Evolve used to be the Discord to Hamachi's Teamspeak. Is there another application that offers a similar service to Evolve and Hamachi? Thank you in advance for your help.