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Topic Ability To Remove Games From Library

Gerogerigegege   Member   Helix

  • Joined Sep 20 '13
  • 141 Posts
What? Did I understand right that this will be implemented in the next update? If that's the case then very nice!

ModelULTIMA   Member

  • Joined Mar 13 '15
  • 2 Posts
OODA posted:
Do you mean keeping Evolve from running at startup? If so, you can configure that in the Evolve client Preferences.
Yeah. Thank you very much. Sorry for any inconveniences I caused.

meat_wad   Member

  • Joined Jul 10 '16
  • 1 Posts
I would like the ability to remove games, on a per game basis from my publicly visible library. while I want the game tracking feature, in general, the ability to exclude specific games would be very welcome. I realize this thread dates back, and the last post was around a year ago, I have yet to find anything else(more recently relied to) on this topic. I'd like to address the 'hooking' referes to in this( post. I have used other clients that attempt to fulfill many of the same goals that Evolve does, and I can tell you that 'hooking', in the above case, anyway is refering simply to the tracking/overlay features as a whole. To summarise, I would like to be able to enable/disable tracking and (separately) the inclusion in my games library, especially the library seeable by the public/other Evolve users.
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FrozeN9   Member

  • Joined Jul 29 '14
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And we still don't have it. I even wanted to deactivate my account and create a new one, so i could reset my library, but i don't my nickname to be locked.

ThE_MarD   Member   Helix

  • Joined Jul 27 '11
  • 785 Posts
FrozeN9 posted:
And we still don't have it. I even wanted to deactivate my account and create a new one, so i could reset my library, but i don't my nickname to be locked.
Err, you only have one detected game in your library, do you not like that game? Tbh I'm not quite sure I follow why some gamers would want certain games not detecting and being tracked... heck, I have Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude and Box office Bust (ironic title hahaha) on my tracked games library and I could care less... Box Office Bust was a terrible and broken game but I enjoyed Magna Cum Laude as a guilty pleasure mediocre game and I even beat that game. :P I even have Street Cleaning Simulator tracked... but I wear that as a proud badge hahaha as I even created custom SLI bits for the multi-GPU user who wants to clean streets in 4K 60fps! and no I'm not joking about that hahaha
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ricmetalster   Member   Helix

  • Joined Nov 10 '13
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bringing this up. i'd also like to be able to remove games from my library and time played for the game. i'm currently farming steams cards with shait games i don't play more than 5 minutes and i forget to turn off evolve sometimes.

CaptainSodaPop   Member

  • Joined Feb 20 '16
  • 3 Posts
+1.This really needs to be implemented, it's a must have option in a game tracking software like this.


  • Joined Oct 14 '17
  • 1 Posts
I need this feature as well. I want to delete all but one game from the library, as well as never have any other game show up in the library. The reason for this is that I have a list of games that I play, but I only want one in my evolve library.... because i need Evolve just so i can play Co-op in that game. I don't need an entire list of games showing up when i only signed up for one game.


  • Joined Dec 2 '17
  • 51 Posts
+1 But I just found out this has been in discussion state since well 6,5 years - oops!
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Mortgage   Member

  • Joined Aug 26
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This is a dead thread but I feel people should have the ability to remove certain games from their library. As a simple feature like this is long overdue. Please consider this for a future update.

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