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Topic Import gametime from Raptr.

BradExclamation   Member

  • Joined Sep 7
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Any way to spoof Evolve hours? I remember xfire just had everything in a text file

drowranger2011   Member

  • Joined Sep 13
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Just uninstalled Raptr and installed Evolve. Do have a json file of the gameplay hours. I see there's no way of importing it yet, what about manually editing gameplay time here?

Frisian   Member   Helix

  • Joined Mar 1 '15
  • 41 Posts
Manually is not an option, tho it would be very nice to have it. And here's the answer to your other question: https://twitter.com/evolvehq/status/907218242380410880

firecz   Member

  • Joined Jul 1 '15
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Woot, hype hype :D

TeGarchoFF   Member

  • Joined Oct 9 '14
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Whoa, there's still hope for this. Question is, is there hope for Evolve? Feels like jumping from one sinking ship to another. Well, I won't complain, it's better than anything I guess :P

kmidt   Member

  • Joined Jul 26
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Posted: 2 days ago

That were a nice feature !!! I must have the import ;)

Ysgramor   Member

  • Joined Sep 17
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Posted: 1 day ago

So when is this gonna be added? A lot of people is gonna jump from raptr to here. PLEASE ADD THE HOURS IMPORT. THANKS :D

manchester4ever   Member

  • Joined Sep 19
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Posted: 1 day ago

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