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Time to get back to the important things in life. Like killing zombies. Capturing flags. And complaining about balance issues.


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FrostOrb   Member

  • Joined Feb 28
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How can I change my avatar? What I must to do for this?

Krister   Member

  • Joined Oct 5 '14
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Hello, Click on your name here in the forum or elsewhere and that will get you to your profile. Then hover your pointer over your current default profile picture and a button should show up that reads "Change...".

FrostOrb   Member

  • Joined Feb 28
  • 2 Posts
Thx, found it. But clicking on the button is dont create any changes. Maybe you have any idea what I must do now?

Phosphoros   Member   Helix

  • Joined Sep 24 '15
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Blacknocturno   Member

  • Joined May 5
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Posted: May 7 at 6:05pm

How Can I recovery the password? passoword recovery system doesn't seem to be working... :(

oNAOMYo   Member

  • Joined May 6
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Posted: May 7 at 6:10pm

Probably the recover password sistem is down too.. .-. Evolve is broken atm.....

MaxTMH   Member

  • Joined Oct 2 '17
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I suggest,for every operation you must do, to go on their website from google and not evolve browser. Often work better than platform itself...