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Topic Sacred 2 Gold

windmark728   Member

  • Joined Jun 30 '13
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I would really appreciate any tips on getting a LAN game up and running, using Evolve. My friends and I get a party started, but when I join the Sacred 2 LAN lobby, the party leader's game doesn't show up. Sacred 2 doesn't allow me to enter the party leader's IP, either, for a direct connect.

Barbaroti   Member

  • Joined Apr 29 '13
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I would also like to request some input on this, I have the same problem. Not sure if there is something else that is needed to be configured. I don't have problems playing LAN games on other games.

dreijer   Admin   Helix

  • Joined Oct 11 '10
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I noticed that other guides on the Internet mentioned that you should force the Evolve network adapter to be the primary adapter for the game. Try opening the Evolve gamesdb.xml on your computer (more info about that here) and adding the following piece of XML to the existing Sacred 2 rule (if you can't figure out where to add it, look for other rules in gamesdb.xml that have the same code):
        <forcebind enabled="true"/>
Then reload the gamesdb in Evolve and try launching the game. (Note: Everybody in the party should make the changes outlined above.) Did that make a difference?
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Barbaroti   Member

  • Joined Apr 29 '13
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Hope someone else tries to verify, but in my case the suggestion didn't work. Thanks for trying though!

Teutonic   Member

  • Joined Jul 17 '12
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For me and friend this suggestion work.