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Time to get back to the important things in life. Like killing zombies. Capturing flags. And complaining about balance issues.


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SWAT 4 is a tactical first-person shooter computer game developed by Irrational Games and released by Vivendi Universal on April 5, 2005. It is powered by Unreal Engine 2.0 technology enhanced by Irrational Games. An expansion to SWAT 4, entitled SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate, was released on February 28, 2006. In multiplayer, the player can choose among several modes: COOP: Players complete SP missions in cooperation. Barricaded Suspects: The usual team deathmatch mode. VIP Escort: SWAT must escort the VIP to the extraction point while the suspects try to stop him. Rapid Deployment: SWAT has to disarm bombs randomly placed throughout the map while the suspects try to stop them. Smash & Grab (TSS only): A variation of 'capture the flag' – suspects try to transfer a briefcase to the exctraction point while SWAT must stop them. The single-player campaign in vanilla SWAT 4 contains 13 missions – the expansion adds 7 more. The missions are not related and there is no overarching storyline. The game aims to have gameplay similar to the real SWAT experience. For example, it encourages the use of non-lethal force to subdue and arrest subjects rather than shooting them. Each mission will play differently as the suspects are randomly spawned on the map.

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