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Time to get back to the important things in life. Like killing zombies. Capturing flags. And complaining about balance issues.

TrueCombat: Elite

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TrueCombat:Elite (TCE) is a modern world, total conversion of the free, popular, stand-alone third-person shooter, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. That is, TCE is an entirely free game, made by gamers, for gamers. TCE was developed by GrooveSix Studios and Team Terminator. While Team Terminator is known for the famous Q3 based TrueCombat series, GrooveSix Studios was initiated by retired Team Terminator co-founder Coroner to develop a Return to Castle Wolfenstein modification that was never released.

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F4gasGamer Last played Jan 8
9h 58m played
rBok6 Last played Feb 3 '17
2h 44m played
NavCon Last played Oct 1 '17
2h 15m played
TheJammieDodger Last played Oct 1 '17
2h 12m played
ItzDem Last played Jan 8
1h 42m played

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