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Time to get back to the important things in life. Like killing zombies. Capturing flags. And complaining about balance issues.

Just Cause

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Your world...Your rules! In Just Cause, you are a Latin field operative and specialist in regime change backed by top secret US government agency who will overthrow the corrupt government of San Esperito. The rogue South American state is suspected of stockpiling Weapons of Mass Destruction, and it's your mission to negate the threat this poses to world peace. It could be to your advantage that the tropical paradise is about to implode as various factions vie for power - it just needs a gentle nudge in the right direction.

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maggot777 Last played Jun 30 '16
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ArtPlayMan Last played Aug 21 '15
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maks87 Last played Feb 25 '17
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AlazarRamir Last played Aug 25 '13
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Amor_E_Morte Last played Jan 31 '14
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