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Time to get back to the important things in life. Like killing zombies. Capturing flags. And complaining about balance issues.

Dead Island

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Dead Island is a first-person shooter with a heavy focus on melee combat, character development, and customization of a vast array of weapons. Set in an open world tropical island, hordes of different festering zombies await players around every corner while they embark on a variety of thrilling missions throughout the holiday resort. With firearms and ammunition being scarce, the player must rely on found items as weapons for self-defense. A diverse range of items can be collected and will later serve to transform the player’s makeshift weapons into serious instruments of destruction.

Top Players

Krushitel Last played Jan 11 '17
193d 6h played
VivanBy Last played Apr 8 '16
71d 18h played
KyanCatMeow Last played Jun 30 '16
40d 10h played
gunr161 Last played Jun 30 '16
37d 5h played
DarK_RuSSiAn Last played Jun 30 '16
24d 3h played

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