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Time to get back to the important things in life. Like killing zombies. Capturing flags. And complaining about balance issues.


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SWBFSpy is the official GameSpy master server replacement for SWBF1 and SWBF2 by Pandemic. SWBFSpy was founded in September 2013 by Phobos and Wolf of the [FC] clan. The bulk of coding was mostly done by Luigi, Soneek, and Masaq, creators of OpenSpy. The MS is under construction. To learn more about SWBFSpy, visit http://info.SWBFSpy.org Visit http://www.moddb.com/company/SWBFSpy for more news & updates! Also visit the official Star Wars Battlefront community website @ http://www.SWBFModders.com This is the official EvolveHQ page for SWBFSpy community players. In order to join this group, you must have the special invite URL sent by Phobos. Once in the SWBFSpy Chatroom, ask FCRage for a SWBFSpy Party Invite to play in the official SWBFSpy servers, currently hosted on EvolveHQ until our MS is ready.

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