3,671 Supported Games

Game support for Evolve is driven entirely by players like you!

Works With...

Evolve enhances games on Steam, Battle.net, Origin, PSN, and more!

Parties: The Killer Feature

Find out exactly how Evolve's parties improve your multiplayer gaming experience.

Universal Matchmaking

Need a few more players to join you or your friends for a quick match? Looking for a new server to play on? Evolve's matchmaker works with 1,135 games and lets you search both in and out of game and for multiple games at the same time.

Free VoIP

Powered by SILK, a top-notch wideband audio codec, Evolve's free peer-to-peer VoIP system is tightly integrated with parties. Take advantage of configurable transmit modes and don't forget to mute anyone who gets too annoying.

Gaming VPN

Skip the server browser! Every Evolve party is coupled with an auto-configured virtual private network. Native LAN IPs mean your games just work. And relays mean even your firewalled friends can play games with you.

Not Just Multiplayer

Evolve isn't just for your multiplayer games—it boosts all the games you play.

Media Sharing

Capture screenshots and videos in your games and share them with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube—all without leaving your game. And additional sharing targets are on their way!


Tired of having profiles everywhere? Evolve tracks your playtime in 3,647 games. You can show off your stats on other sites using a variety of stylish badges. You can even track your achievements!


Evolve's high performance overlay gives you the full desktop and website experience directly in your games. It currently supports all versions of Direct3D and OpenGL, and works in over 2,301 games.


Don't worry about losing your buddy list when you start using Evolve. The built-in chat client works with Steam, Xfire, Raptr, AIM, Facebook Chat, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ, Yahoo—with more coming soon.

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All the Stats

420,111 players registered

2504y 40d playtime tracked

846,606 parties formed

3,671 games supported

103,043 ratings cast

441,331 matches made

2,697 groups established

Words from Our Players

"Wow, video capture! Fraps, watch your back! :D" Xaazi

"The Swiss Army knife of gaming software!" Goober

"The overlay … works great, way better than Steam or Xfire" digi

"The party system is pure magic!" Jeff